Global Champion

Customer satisfaction is our priority


“We’re making constant R&D activities
to be a Global Champion in the world market”

Samwoo KJS Tec, started 1974, was established own R&D center in 1993 for the first time in the Korean valve industry. With the Vacuum Replace Hardening technology, it was brought high quality casting with cost saving via recycling the used sand. Also it is environmental friendly.

We’re specialized in not only Oil & Gas, Power Plant valves, but also Cryogenic (LNG), FPSO, Sub-sea application, high temp. & high class valves. Also, we will continue to develop new technology and products seeking higher market position via additional R&D. We promise we will do our best to make customer satisfaction as our prime business goal.

석유화학/발전/해양·초저온/고온,고압·국책과제→고부가가치용 밸브 개발
석유화학/발전/해양·초저온/고온,고압·국책과제→고부가가치용 밸브 개발